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BugeyeGarage Interlude: On the streets of Tokyo

I try and steer clear of too many non-bugeyes in this blog… but with photography (and cars) this gorgeous it’s worth the acknowledgement that there are other versions of the New Age impreza made by Subaru. : P

Heavily modified JDM STI S202 (bugeye) and JDM STI ver. 8 (blobeye). Amazing machines.

side note: This probably isn’t Tokyo ; )

full feature on the yellow one (Pikarin) to come!

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Bloop bloop

Bloop bloop

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#Mine #Subaru #Impreza #WRX #STi #Import #Boost #Awd #Turbo #Jdm #Blobeye #Aspen White #04 Sti #Rally #Because Racecar 

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Varis Type D GR STi by CullenCheung on Flickr.

Varis Type D GR STi by CullenCheung on Flickr.

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Finally hit over 500 followers! :D Thanks to everyone for the support; it may not be that many compared to others but I appreciate everyone who follows me! Welcome new followers!

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_DSC0045 by GrcExposures on Flickr.

_DSC0045 by GrcExposures on Flickr.

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